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John Oliver Fans: Tea-Drinking & Elegant Rhetoric
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"air quotes", ...and a cow, blowing your enemy's mind, cambridge footlights, casual ski-parka cheney, deadly snowflakes, dickensian orphans, edinburgh fringe, giving flowers to snipers, jimmy the lame duck, john oliver, john oliver's nose (1977-2006), mock the week, mr. webster: saucy bastard, murderous murderers, pajamas and ice cream, political animal, princess diana, saint arthur fonzarelli, sandwiches, secret-song-that-makes-things-go-faster, sting-and-his-fucking-lute, tell-my-desk-i-love-her!, terror casserole, the daily show, the department, the velvety monkey (?), twinkles cupcakes, war: what-it-is-good-for, yeaux arthur! nice joust, your inner fallow american, zing!